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Visite Surprise: “Albertinum”

Still of the video documentation of performance "Visite Surprise" at Albertinum Dresden, 2010

I present myself as “official tour guide” through the Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister of the reopened Albertinum Dresden. Both ideologically and semantically I take visitors on a time-travel from 1932 to the future: The paintings by Caspar David Friedrich are indoctrinated in DDR-speak of the 1970s, while the paintings in the Expressionist room are “explained” by using quotations from the 1932 visitor’s guide to the exhibition “Degenerate Art”. A third room of German Impressionist painters becomes a platform for promoting a futuristic total merging of art-sponsoring and museum programming.

By mixing fact and fiction, the history of the Albertinum is extended and ideological discourses are reduced to absurdity.

On invitation of Elodie Evers, initiated by “Kulturen des Kuratorischen”.

Performance-Guided Tour through the ‘Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister’, Albertinum Dresden
30 min, 3. Juli 2010


Excerpt of the video documentation: