MARGARET’S STORY or: the real explanation of the disappearance of the Maltese Temple culture

The room installation tells the story of the fascinating Margaret Murray (1863-1963), who was archeologist, egyptologist and feminist. She excavated the Maltese temple Borg in-Nadur in the 1920s and was interested in Maltese legends, of which she published a book in 1932. While reviving the memory of this forgotten woman, who died shortly after her 100th birthday in 1963, the room installation also inserts a mythological story written by Bettina Hutschek, which explains the disappearance of the Maltese temple people. It is inserted in the real biography of Margaret Murray, mixing fact and fiction in a playful collage. 

What do we know? What do we believe in? How do we transmit history?

The room installation includes drawings, archive photographs, walldrawings, wallpaper print, books, sculptures and found objects.