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Le Bonnet

Page from the booklet "Le Bonnet" "Le Bonnet" distributed in the public space in Brest during the exhibition "!Revolution?" at centre d

Le Bonnet tells the story of a fictitious revolution, assembled through images of google search. The central element is the mass-produced, fashionable appearance of “le bonnet”, the Phrygian cap, formerly the traditional symbol of the French Revolution, now devoid of meaning. The story is thus addressing the question of revolutionary symbols, their use and transformations through time.

600 copies of the booklet are distributed in the public space of Brest, their small size referring both to a party leaflet and a revolutionary message.

Booklet, 16 p, 6 x 10 cm, 2007
On invitation of Ulrike Kremeier as part of the exhibition “!Revolution?”