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MdbK, "Herz, Reiz & Gefühl", "Kunst. Schule. Leipzig", Performance of the text "GINA" during the opening ceremony, 12.07.2014 Picture Alexander Schmidt Punctum Installation View "Herz, Reiz & Gefühl", Museum der Bildenden Künste. Picture Alexander Schmidt

The text work GINA tells the story of a young woman aspiring to be actress.

In the process of becoming one, she has to deal with various teachers, surreal rehearsals, Dadaistic academic situations and life in general, only to succumb to her own freedom to do whatever she wants to do. Her story ends with her having become a florist folding paper planes, her subjective perception and artistic endeavors having been crushed. An accompanying audio file presents a female voice reading continuously “Yes-No-Yes-No”.

Concept and Curation: Dr. Ralf F. Hartmann, Cora Hegewald (HGB)
With: Hans-Christian Schink, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Julius Popp, Ricarda Roggan, famed, Peggy Buth, Bettina Hutschek, Viktoria Binschtok, Anna Baranowski, Fabian Reimann, VIP Venus in Panik, Matthias Hamann, Tobias Zielony

Wall text and audio file, 
The text was performed during the inauguration of the exhibition.