FRAGMENTA MALTA (since 2013)

Field Trip - FRAGMENTA with Sonya Schönberger and Christof Zwiener, Ferry Terminal Cirkewwa January 2016. Picture Bettina Hutschek Leave Me Alone I am an Outside Development Zone - FRAGMENTA with Erik Göngrich, Marsascala. April 2016. Picture Bettina Hutschek XEMX - FRAGMENTA with Sandra Banthorpe, October 2016. Marsascala. Picture Bettina Hutschek XEMX - FRAGMENTA with Sandra Banthorpe, October 2016. Marsascala. Picture Bettina Hutschek Valley of 1000 Pleasures - FRAGMENTA with Jagna Ciuchta and Samir Ramdani. August 2015. Picture Samir Ramdani Hortus Conclusus - FRAGMENTA with Teresa Sciberras, Franciscan Monastery Rabat. March 2016. Picture Bettina Hutschek Memento Mori - FRAGMENTA with Aaron Bezzina Ghajn Tuffieha Tower. October 2016. Picture Bettina Hutschek Cote d St Eloy race. FRAGMENTA with Alexandra Pace, Victoria Gate Valletta. December 2015. Picture Bettina Hutschek

FRAGMENTA is a platform for presenting contemporary art in the form of pop-up exhibitions in public or semi-public spaces on the Maltese Islands. As a project space without a physical space, FRAGMENTA’s mission is to offer experiences in the form of artistic events, which happen in different locations in and around Malta, lasting for a maximum duration of 24 hours. FRAGMENTA was founded in 2013 by Bettina Hutschek, who has since been curating and organizing events.

The exhibitions are born through a collaborative process between FRAGMENTA and the artist.
Since 2016, FRAGMENTA has been supported by Valletta2018 Foundation.




Memento Mori: Hints taken from Terror Management Theory
– With Aaron Bezzina
Location: Ghajn Tuffieha Tower
October 23rd, 2016


Untitled (Ix-Xemx)
– with Sandra Banthorpe
Location: St Thomas Bay (Pontoon in front of boat houses), Marsaskala
October 2nd, 2016


Leave Me Alone I am an Outside Development Zone Hiding
– with Erik Göngrich
Location: Zonqor Point, Marsaskala
April 24th, 2016


Hortus Conclusus
– with Teresa Sciberras
Location: Dominican Convent, Rabat
March 20th, 2016. 11 – 4pm


BLIND AMBITION – Filmscreening and Q&A
–  with Hassan Khan
Location: British Legion, Valletta
January 5th, 2016.



St. Eloy Race
–  with Alexandra Pace
Location: British Legion, Valletta
November 29th, 2015.

Sometimes Very Close to Nothing At All
–  with Aidan Celeste and Stefan Nestoroski
Location: 24 Pretty Bay, Birzebuggia (Next to Waterpolo Pitch)
September 27th, 2015.

The Valley of 1000 Pleasures
–  with Jagna Ciuchta and Samir Ramdani
Location: Triq Il-Lanca, Valletta
August 30th, 2015.

– with Ritty Tacsum, Aksel Hogenhaug and Bettina Hutschek
Location: Bunker at Ghar Lapsi.
June 21st, 2015

– with Kris Van Dessel and Goele De Bruyn
Location: Valletta,Lower Barrakka Gardens.
May 16th, 2015