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Installation View BLITZ 2013. Picture Luis Rodriguez

CITY GATE is a video project commissioned by Architecture Project, Malta. The documentary shows the successive demolition of the old Valletta City Gate prior to construction of a new one. Falling stones, dust, workers, concrete, onlookers, pigeons, machines, tourists, and loads of rubble: watching the demolition became a meditative practice.

The machines, like humanoid monsters, worked their way through layers of construction of former times, making space for a new construction, maybe even a new vision, which was best epitomized by the pigeons: having lost their roost in the gate, the birds had been turned into homeless fragments of the city’s history.

Documentary, HDV, 30:35 min, 2012
Series of 8 Photographs, Archival Inkjet Print on ACP. 52 x 29 cm. 2013


Full video: