CITY GATE ist ein wortloser Dokumentarfilm, der den Abriss des Stadttores von Valletta dokumentiert.

"For several weeks in May 2012, I spent all day in and around the site, observing and filming. I filmed falling stones, dust, workers, concrete, onlookers, pigeons, machines, tourists, and loads and loads of rubble. It was a slow process; taking apart the gate was not as obvious as it seemed.
Watching the demolition became a meditative practice."

"After some days, the machines had turned into humanoid monsters for me, working their way through layers of construction of former times, making space for a new construction, maybe even a new vision, which was best epitomized by the pigeons: having lost their sleeping convention in the gate, the birds had become homeless fragments of moving history."

diary of a demolition

Watch the entire video here:

Installationsansicht der Stills in BLITZ, Valletta 2014